Dr. Parsi with new practice owners Dr. Jennifer Neglerio and Dr. Kaitlyn Neglerio

A Note from Dr. Parsi: San Diego Wellness Dentistry Enters a New Phase

Dear Patients,

This year marked 38 years of practicing dentistry, 31 of those in my San Diego office. Now, I would like to introduce you to the two outstanding dentists who will be taking over my practice as I retire to spend more time with my family. I feel confident in their ability to continue your care based on their compassion, our shared philosophy of care, their credentials and advanced skills, and their passion for service.

Dr. Sam Parsi with new practice owners Dr. Jennifer Neglerio and Dr. Kaitlyn NeglerioWith sincere gratitude, I would like to let you know more about your new dentists, Dr. Jennifer Neglerio and Dr. Kaitlyn Neglerio. These sisters are San Diego natives who grew up in nearby Rancho Peñasquitos. They are excited to provide dentistry to the Rancho Bernardo community and beyond!

Dentistry runs in their family. Their late mother’s sister was a dentist, and so was she, practicing dentistry locally for over 25 years. She laid a strong foundation of hard work and kindness. Dr. Jenny and Dr. Kay continue in her footsteps as an advocate for quality dental care.

Their skills and knowledge are impressive and will allow them to build upon and add to the robust set of services I’ve provided you with over these past few decades. Together, they have extensive training in aesthetic smile design, safe mercury removal, orthodontics (Invisalign), and implant dentistry.

Last, I would just like to thank you for your confidence in me as your dentist, along with your loyalty and support. I will be entrusting my own dental care, as well as my family’s, to Dr. Jenny and Dr. Kay. I am confident that you will enjoy their outgoing personalities and professionalism, and that I am leaving you all in very capable hands.

Dr. Sam Parsi
April 2024

Welcome to San Diego Wellness Dentistry, Your Trusted Source for San Diego Holistic Dentist Services

For over 30 years, Dr. Parsi has designed and created thousands of beautiful, dazzling smiles with a passion for smile makeovers with the latest science and technology in cosmetics, all porcelain or zirconium veneers, crowns and bridges, orthodontics, facial orthopedics and neuromuscular joint function.

Dr. Parsi is accredited for mercury safe dentistry with the state-of-the-art mercury removal protocols, providing biological dentistry by using BPA-free bio-compatible tooth color materials, utilizes the oxygen/ozone therapy, and integrating nutritional support and innovative chirodontics for optimal health and vitality.

We offer ALL phases of dentistry: laser dentistry, gum rejuvenation using the Pinhole Surgical Technique™, teeth whitening, all porcelain or zirconia veneers, crowns and bridges, Invisalign and clear braces for adults and Children, sedation dentistry, advanced implantsZirconia dental implants and mini-implants with 3D Imaging. We are proud to have digital x-rays with up to five times less radiation dose. Safer for you and better for the environment.

Dr. Parsi and his professional staff are dedicated to nurturing you to optimal health and vitality by providing comprehensive cosmetic and holistic dentistry in total comfort and safety. 

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART)

All silver-coloured (amalgams) dental fillings contain approximately 50% mercury. Mercury is harmful to human health and the environment. The mercury released from amalgam fillings is absorbed and retained in the body. Dr. Parsi offers to remove your dental amalgam fillings using the SMART-certified protocol.

What Our Patients Say about Our Holistic Dentistry Care


“Dr. Parsi and his staff are extremely caring and professional. I have been a patient of the office for over 3 years and during that time I’ve had some major procedures, including having my mercury fillings removed. Dr. Parsi made sure I had answers to all my questions and his genuine concern for my whole well-being made me completely comfortable!”



“My first experience to your office was excellent. I loved the care that each team member was friendly and worked very well together to provide excellent service. I especially appreciated meeting Dr.Parsi and his excellent clear and compassionate communication of my dental situation. I’d refer all my friends to see Dr. Parsi. Thank you again.”



“My family and I have been coming to see Dr. Parsi and his team since 2003. The entire staff is kind, courteous, and knowledgeable. I am very curious and ask a LOT of questions. they are always more than happy to answer and give great explanations. I highly recommend this dentist!”