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Of all things you wear, your SMILE is the most important…

Dr. Parsi, a holistic cosmetic dentist, has designed and created thousands of beautiful smiles in over thirty years. Whether you need a simple Teeth Whitening, Crown, Veneer, Natural Bonding, or comprehensive Smile Rejuvenation, we can help you. We make sure your smile is naturally beautiful and functional. We always keep your overall health and body posture in mind.

 As we strive to create the most beautiful smile for you, your comfort and safety is our priority. Using BPA free, metal free bio-compatible materials, we design and fit the crown, bridge or implant to each unique individual smile. Natural-looking strong Porcelain or Zirconia can restore your broken or missing teeth or simply create a new smile for you. We do our utmost to preserve your own healthy teeth and enamel intact.