Hear the word “holistic,” and your mind might fill with images of nature and notions of authenticity. “Cosmetic,” on the other hand, suggests the fake, the superficial, the filtered, the Photoshopped.

But those two terms don’t necessarily have to conflict with each other. They certainly don’t here in our San Diego dental office, where Dr. Parsi specializes and prides himself in creating attractive smiles through gentle, minimally invasive, biocompatible dentistry.

It’s cosmetic dentistry that supports your whole body health and wellness.

While there’s a cosmetic aspect to all kinds of dental work – after all, if you need a crown, say, or an implant, you want it to be indistinguishable from your natural teeth – cosmetic dentistry is mostly an elective procedure.

But wanting a great looking smile isn’t just some vain thing. A better looking smile can pay dividends when it comes to things like employment and relationship prospects. It can also help boost your confidence so that you’re more self-assured in any setting, feeling good about yourself and the face you present to those you interact with each day.

Maybe you’re dissatisfied with the look of your smile and want to improve it. Maybe you have crowded, crooked teeth you want straightened or gaps you’d like to have closed. Maybe your teeth have stains you want lifted for a brighter smile. Maybe you don’t love the shape of your teeth or believe that your smile is too gummy or, conversely, that receding gums detract from your smile.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that your smile is part of your mouth as a whole, and your mouth is connected to the rest of your body, physically and energetically. Any work done in the mouth can have whole body consequences.

For instance, some dental materials can be quite toxic. Many composite resins contain BPA or related compounds that are known to interfere with hormones, as well as fluoride, which can contribute to a wide range of health problems. The metal brackets used in conventional orthodontics may contain toxic metals such as nickel.

Any and all of these can come to undermine health, particularly in sensitive individuals or people who are already carrying a heavy body burden from other environmental exposure to toxins of all kinds.

For this reason, all of the dental work we do is metal-free and biocompatible. We favor materials such as ceramic (zirconia) and BPA-free, fluoride-free resins. If there’s ever any concern that you may be sensitive to materials that we’re considering for the veneers, implants, or restorations needed for your smile makeover, we can order serum biocompatibility testing to make sure we choose materials that you don’t show a sensitivity to.

Because Dr. Parsi is also well-versed in neuromuscular dentistry and orthodontics, you can be sure that he also pays extra close attention to how the teeth align and come together. When someone’s bite is off, the result can be a cascade of pain from the jaws through the neck to the upper back – and even elsewhere in the body as it attempts to compensate for the imbalance. Making sure the bite is right also helps ensure the longevity of the results, so your investment in your smile lasts.

Always, we remain alert to the fact that any change in the mouth can reverberate throughout the body. Cosmetic work is always and only provided with the health and well-being of the whole in mind.

That way, we make sure you have plenty to smile about – your attractive new look and your sustained or even enhanced health and wellness.