Holistic wellness dentistry San Diego dental centre by Dr.Sam Parsi is a well experienced and environmentally aware dentist doing modern effective dental treatments. Infections free treated naturally with no toxicity or side effects.

Did you know the way we breathe, stand, sit, and bite are closely related? We are designed to walk upright and keep our airway open. The postural chain from our feet through the spine to the head works in unison to keep us moving and alive.

When one part of this skeletal system is out of alignment, other parts are affected. The bite and oral health are at the top of this chain.

We look carefully at how your bite determines your jaw position and thus the position of your head which in turn will affect the rest of your body and vice versa. Signs of postural problems could be:

  • Numbing or tingling of the hands
  • Pain in the jaw, neck, shoulders
  • Back pain especially upper back
  • Headaches, Migraines
  • Difficulty clearing ears

Dr. Parsi has helped many patients achieve optimal health by changing their bite through simple orthodics, orthodontics, jaw orthopaedics, Invisalign, and full mouth rejuvenation. Dr Parsi uses bio-compatible, BPA FREE, tooth color materials including ceramic implants, Zirconia crowns, Porcelain veneers, and BPA Free bondings.

Dr. Parsi works with other health care practitioners to address health issues comprehensively.

We are proud to serve all areas of San Diego Country between our two office locations.