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One American dies every hour from oral cancer. When detected early, oral cancer is one of the most curable diseases. American Cancer Society recommends everyone to have a complete oral soft tissue examination at least once a year. Cancer screening technologies such as mammograms, pap smear, salivary diagnostics and PSA tests have saved lives. We now have the newest technology for early detection of oral cancer.

Dr. Parsi in conjunction with OralDNA Labs, a leader in advancing wellness in dentistry through salivary diagnostics, offers the quick, and non-invasive OraRisk® HPV test. This test determines if you are at increased risk for HPV-related oral and throat cancers.

Dr. Parsi also uses the Vizilite Plus technology which has proven successful in identifying precancerous and cancerous lesions early. This procedure uses a special rinse, and patented light to screen abnormalities.

Who is at risk for oral cancer?

High Risk:

  • Tobacco users ( any age )
  • 40+ years of age

Highest Risk: