Kristin had difficulty chewing, yawning, and even talking. Her jaws would click, pop, and hurt. Her bite was off and her teeth were wearing down fast. She improved considerably after just a few days in a BITE GUARD.

Kristin: “I had painful and popping jaw joints, and was not happy with my smile. I got braces and expanders in Dr Parsi’s office and within a few days my jaw problems were gone and I have a broader and more beautiful smile.”

On the off chance that you are experiencing successive cerebral pains, jaw throbs, and additionally throbbing facial torment, it could be Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, otherwise called TMJ or TMD. TMJ Specialist San Diego here to support you. Headaches and neck pain could have a dental origin. Bite and jaw alignment affect facial nerves and muscles. If you experience popping, clicking, ringing in the ear, difficulty chewing, headaches, and even migraines, you can contact our dental clinic.

We have the latest science and technology in neuromuscular jaw orthopedics and orthodontics. TMJ treatment ranges from simple bite guard or orthodic to comprehensive postural nutritional approach. Dr. Parsi is a member of International College of CranioMandibular Orthopedics. He has extensive training in these fields including a two-year Hands-on Orthodontics Program.

Bad bite and jaw misalignment can cause muscle spasms and tension leading to painful head, neck, and back.

With the advancement in the science of Neuromuscular Dentistry, the bite can be balanced so that the muscles that control chewing, swallowing, and jaw position can be in their most comfortable position.

Dr. Parsi has helped many who suffered from chronic fatigue, migraines, headaches, neck and back problems, fibromyalgia, dizziness, … by correcting their bite for optimal health.

A thorough evaluation might open the way for you to end the needless suffering.