Is there anyone who hasn’t seen this ad by now?

Considering the multiple threads going on about it in the /CommercialsIHate subreddit right now – like this one, for instance, or this – more than a few people find the ad extremely annoying. One big reason why: Teeth are just not supposed to be that white.

dentist with shade guideNot natural teeth, anyway. Natural teeth are actually the colors shown in the shade guides we use to determine the best color for the restorations we make, so the restorations match the surrounding teeth.

With any cosmetic dentistry, the goal is to help patients get the best looking smile without it looking fake. Their smile should complement and be complemented by their other facial features. The teeth should be neither too large nor too white – two signs that can quickly give away the fact that the individual has had work done, that their smile isn’t wholly natural.

The best cosmetic dentistry strives to create smiles that look naturally beautiful. Here in our office, we go one better by making sure we accomplish this in nontoxic, biocompatible ways.

While over-the-counter whitening products may be affordable and even moderately helpful, they simply can’t provide the results you can get with smile brightening that’s done by a dental professional. It’s not just that the aesthetics are better. We are also better able to minimize the risks of the procedure, including gum damage, tooth sensitivity, and even damage to the pulp (the living tissue inside each tooth).

With the holidays celebrations about to go into full swing and a new year on the way, now is a great time to look into your options for sprucing up your smile. Just be sure to go about it the right way, and remember: While bright white teeth can help you look younger, your teeth were never meant to be the color of Kleenex.